Amboseli National Park, known as the ‘home of the African Elephant’, is one of the best wildlife destinations in Kenya, often combined with the Maasai Mara. It is home to huge numbers of African bush elephant, hence its moniker: Home of the African Elephant. 

Visitors can expect to witness breathtaking views of majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, which provides a stunning backdrop to the park’s diverse ecosystem. The park is home to large populations of elephants, buffaloes, zebras, and other herbivores, as well as predators such as lions, cheetahs, and hyenas. With over 400 species of birds to spot, bird watchers will be in paradise!

There are plenty of activities to choose from in Amboseli National Park, including game drives, guided nature walks, and cultural tours to nearby Maasai villages. The park also features observation points and picnic areas, allowing visitors to relax and take in the stunning scenery.